Crazy Bottle Flip Game!

Addicting Karate Action!

Pineapple Pen Kitty

Ramen Game | Tabemono Game

Koala Game | Koala Bear Game

Sour Lemon Candy Game

Chocolate Pudding Game

Fudge Brownie Game

Pepperoni Pizza

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts

Catfish Cooking Game

Catfish Cooking Game

Zombie Mashed Potatoes

Baking Game

Shortcake Combo

Burger Cooking Game

Pizza Conveyor Game

Combo Burger

Easter Basket Game


Free Online Games

Munchie Games offers fun food theme games that are free and easy to play. These Free games can be played in any browser and on all modern mobile devices! If you enjoy Playing Free Cooking Games, Baking Games, Pizza Games, Hamburger and Burger games and puzzles, come to Munchie Games and check our collection frequently as we update all the time!


Everybody Games!

Munchie Games are fun for everyone! Anyone can play these simple games and the subject matter is always food and cooking! Everyone loves some type of food and that's why Munchie Games are only food and cooking games.


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Munchie Games offers free HTML5 Games to webmasters of other websites! If you'd like to show a Munchie Game on your site, blog or arcade just visit our HTML5 Distribution Page!